Tools and Jigs
Fuselage Jigs constructed out of 2 inch angle.

The rear Jig locates in the rear lifting holes. A theaded bar holds it in place.

The front Jig attaches to the main center section attachment points.

Both Jigs are anchored to the floor. There is no longitudinal bracing. This is deliberate so when you accidentally bump the tailplane it will give preventing damage. It has all ready paid off.

Wing Jig constructed out of 4 inch chanel section with angle attachments which pick up on the front and center attachment points.

It is not anchored to the floor so the wing can be moved around.

I use drop strings and a laser to line everything up. This is especially usefull when lining up the flap hinges.

Tools and Jigs
Fuel Tanks
Piping and Hoses