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Leg Spats have been reshaped to more closely resemble P51 shape and modified to flush fit adjacent skin. The lip it sits on is folded 90 deg on the inside to stiffen the edge.
Over centre spring assy. Designed to positively lock the gear down with a closing force of 10 to 15 lb when the emergency lowering valve is operated to drop the gear. The gas strut supplied on newer kits is convenient but has the flaw of you not knowing how much gas charge it has without removing and testing it. Movie shows operation.

The centre support struts have been modified to positively support the door so no side loading is taken by the hinge.
The finished doors when closed totally seal the wheel well.
The 3 stiffening panels have been made to resemble to original P51.

The doors are stiff and assembled so the leading edge seats first so when the actuator fully closes the door this preloads the leading edge to prevent opening at speed.

New Door Link Arms

Made to ressemble P51 and give full support to door